Skilled Nursing Care

When a patient leaves a hospital setting, he or she often needs to transition to a skilled nursing facility for a short or extended stay. Our skilled nursing facilities provide an extremely high level of care in a family-oriented, compassionate setting. We work with our patients so they can retain as much independence as possible, and be active participants in their healing journey.

Our goal is to make the experience as much like home as possible.

Often our care begins with an on-site assessment and discharge planning at the hospital. Our licensed professionals meet the patient and family at the hospital to ensure the smoothest possible transition. A customized program is then developed for the patient to ensure specific needs and goals are addressed.

Each of our locations offer individualized care plans; round-the-clock nursing; beautiful and spacious indoor and outdoor surroundings; private rooms; and a wide range of services, therapies and activities - all within an environment that respects the individual and his or her chosen lifestyle.

Specific care includes:

    • Stroke and Surgical Post-Acute Care
    • Tracheostomy Management
    • Wound Care Management
    • Amputation Care
    • Dysphagia Management
    • Diabetes Management
    • Dialysis
    • Pharmaceutical Distribution
    • IV Therapy/TPN
    • Pain Management
    • Ostomy and Catheter Care
    • Enteral Nutrition
    • Restorative Nursing Programs
    • Oxygen Therapy
    • Hospice Care