Spiritual Care

Meeting the spiritual needs of each patient is an important part of our mission. We know—and medical studies have confirmed—a strong belief system and sense of peace promote wellbeing.

Our goal is to offer a consistent message of hope across denominational lines and personal faith traditions.

Patients are encouraged to express themselves, to share their histories and their passions, their hobbies and their memories. To that end, we offer patients opportunities to meet with our pastoral care minister throughout their stay; to stay connected with their own religious congregation; to attend worship services and Bible studies; and to engage with music, art, nature, aromatherapy, and gardening. We also coordinate laughter clubs, games, intergenerational activities, and local community projects to renew and refresh our residents.

Further, Altercare has designed a special program we call COMSOL to provide comfort and solace to patients and families at the end of life.

.Spiritual Care Brochure